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It is extremely important to use the dental floss daily, as accumulation of dental plaque leads to caries and gum disease.

Proper use of the tooth end removes plaque and food residues from those places that are difficult or impossible to reach with the toothbrush - below the line of the right and between the teeth. In order to make the use of the dental end as effective as possible, use the following correct technique: remove the twenty-inch dental end. Wrap most of the bent end around your middle fingers, leaving 4-5 cm free between your fingers. Use this part of the end for cleaning. Hold the end with thumbs and index fingers of both hands and carefully insert it into the interlocking space, sliding movements back and forth through the contact point of the two adjacent teeth. Gently hold the thread against the base of each tooth, leaning slightly below the line of the gums. Do not push too beneath the right. Carefully apply the pressure force to avoid soft tissue injuries around the tooth's neck. With the same sliding movements back and forth, pull the thread out of the interlocking space, the same way you entered it.

As there are two surfaces of adjacent teeth in each interdental space, this procedure must be carried out twice for each interlocking space, by threading the thread first with one, and then with the second tooth. If the thread on the surface of your tooth closes, contact a dentist to eliminate the obstruction. A obstruction can be a poorly placed seal, prosthesis or dental calculus.



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