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Nega mlečnih zuba

The most important function of milk teeth except chewing, speech and aesthetics is to "guard"!

Many parents think that milk teeth should not be overly accountable, that they are irrelevant because permanent teeth come in place instead. They know this "reliably" from their own experience, not even wondering why they lack three or four permanent teeth. This is of course a big mistake and by this principle unconsciously cause health damage to their offspring, which is later difficult and sometimes impossible to correct. The mechanism of formation of caries goes like this: Inadequate hygiene creates an invisible layer of deposits so called. plaque on the teeth by which the bacteria "feed" and metabolizing this "treat"; produce acidic products that cause demineralisation of the eye and gradual formation of caries.

That is why the mouth hygiene begins before the first teeth emerge. The sterile gypsum, slightly soaked in a lukewarm physiological solution, chamomile or water, should be easy to clean the baby's mouth. After the first teeth emerge, it is also necessary to include a toothbrush (brush for the age of 0-2 years of the known manufacturer) without paste, and lightly move in the direction of tooth bleeding to clean them. The paste is included at the age when the child learns that it is spit after washing. In the first few years (5-6 years), parents have toothpick children because they do not have motorists in that age necessary for proper tooth washing. After the parents, a brush can be given to the child to simulate washing and play. The teeth are washed 2-3 times a day with proper movements in a sufficient time interval so that the cleaning is pedantic.



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