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To keep the mouth and teeth healthy, everyday proper hygiene, healthy diet and regular dental control are needed.

Only in this way can it be prevented not only the most common diseases of the teeth, caries and periodontitis, but also very serious diseases. Under the proper hygiene it is understood that regular washing of teeth is carried out, preferably after each meal, and at least twice a day for three minutes. The brush fibers must not be too hard, so as not to cause damage to the tooth, rather than medium hard or soft, which, possible and massage the gums, and the brush head should be smaller, rounded shape, to catch all the teeth. When maintaining oral hygiene, it is important to wash the language in which a lot of microorganisms are collected. Interdental brushes should be used to clean the space between the teeth.

The toothpaste should be chosen according to the properties of the teeth and the right. Dentists recommend toothpaste and preparations containing fluoride and antibacterial substances that protect teeth and gums from the development and functioning of harmful bacteria. A preventive check in a dental office should be done at least twice a year.



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