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Orthodontics deals with the diagnosis and correction of irregularities in the position of the teeth and the surrounding structures. There are no age restrictions for orthodontic treatment, but therapy for adults lasts than it is the case with children. The ideal age for orthodontic treatment for children is 8-15 years, because there are far more therapeutic options for children in adolescence than for patients who have completed their growth.

In addition to a beautiful smile, orthodontic treatment will contribute to the harmonious profile appearance, proper chewing, improvement of speech, better oral hygiene and will reduce the possibilities of cavities and periodontal disease development.

Ortopedija vilica

  • Mobile orthodont apparatus

    They are applied in mixed dentition, and can be used as long as the growth and development of the fork is taking place. The patients themselves can put and remove them from the mouth. It is important to emphasize that in the treatment of mobile devices, the cooperation and the patient's desire to carry the device is extremely important, because, in order to be successful, the apparatus must be worn at night and for several hours during the day.

  • Mobile orthodont apparatus

    They are applied in a complete permanent dentition, and some can be applied in mixed form. These are the locks that adorn the teeth. Due to the position of gluing, they are divided into labial (visible) and lingual (hidden behind the teeth). Orthodontic sets a fixed apparatus consisting of rings, latches and wires, and in regular controls it activates the appliance by exchanging wires or by placing certain active elements (rubber, federations, etc.). The locks can be silicone or metal. There is no age limit for wearing fixed orthodontic appliances.

    Upon completion of the therapy, when the desired result is achieved, i.e. ideal position and relationship of teeth, your perfect smile should be preserved and therefore, in agreement with the orthodontist, you receive some form of retention devices that will keep your teeth in the position they have achieved.

  • Invisalign system

    It involves the production of individual, transparent plastic films worn during the day and at night. The foils are made serially based on the prints of your teeth and after a few weeks of wearing it changes, and each film performs a gradual movement of the teeth. When the teeth reach the desired position, a retention film is set which has the role to ensure the position of the teeth in the next few months, since the shifted teeth tend to return to the old position.


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