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Oral surgery

Oral surgery deals with surgical treatment and treatment of hard and soft tissue of the oral cavity. Since it is the most viable branch of dentistry, it requires special access, knowledge and commitment, both for the doctor and for the patient.

Oralna hirurgija

  • Impaction

    Extraction of impacted wisdom teeth or another impacted tooth is a surgical procedure and is fundamentally different from the extraction of erupted tooth. Extraction of wisdom teeth is the most common surgical procedure in oral surgery.
    During the eruption, wisdom teeth can cause inflammation and painful symptoms that are called Pericoronitis - inflammation of the surrounding gingiva (gums) around the wisdom tooth. Symptoms of aggravated eruption of the wisdom teeth are pain and swelling, difficulties during opening of the mouth, bad breath, and elevated temperature...

  • Apicoectomy

    Tooth root resection. If a conservative treatment (endodontics) of the root canal is not possible, it is necessary to rehabilitate the chronic granuloma, and the best way of preserving the teeth is the removal of the root apex with granulomatous process (resection). In the case of cysts in the top area of the root, the procedure is identical. Filling the root canal is mostly done through the crown of the tooth just before the surgery, and in some cases over the top of the shortened root.

  • Frenulectomia

    Frenulectomia is a minor surgical procedure that requires removal of outgrown or overexpressed frenulum (in upper or lower jaw). Frenulum can be simply described as a small lobe that connects the inner part of the lip with the gums. Sometimes the frenulum may create difficulties in the eruption of permanent maxillary central incisors, and this is the reason frenulectomia is done.

  • Leveling of the alveolar ridge

  • Closing of the oroantral communication

    In some individuals, the roots of the posterior teeth can be in very close proximity with maxillary sinus, and there can occur a communication between the sinus and oral cavity if they are extracted.


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