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With the installation of implants, our team with many years of experience working with Straumann implants can provide you with a much more comfortable prosthetic solution. The implant represents a replacement for the root of the tooth in the bone and therefore has the shape and size of the tooth root. Thanks to the implantation of the implants and their attachment to the surrounding bone tissue, it is possible to replace one prosthesis with one prosthetic tooth, a tooth group, or make a bridge or denture support as a replacement for all the teeth in the fork.


  • Implants placement

    A dental implant is an artificial compensation that replaces the root that is missing. Implant placement is considered one of the most successful procedures in dentistry. The success rate of implants is 98%. At our clinic, we are placing implants of worldwide brands such as Straumann, Nobel, Sweden & Martina, Implant Direct...

  • Augmentation

    Augmentation or bone augmentation is the process by which either your own or an artificial bone is transplanted. After transplanting or augmenting, you should wait a few months to ensure complete osseointegration (splicing with bones). Bone augmentation is a procedure performed when installation of an implant is impossible due to a lack of bone.

  • Sinus lift

    Sinus lift is a relatively common oral surgery procedure which increases the height of the bone in the upper jaw, in order to successfully carry out the implant placement. The maxillary sinuses are behind the cheek bone and extend from the area under the eye to just above the back teeth.
    The purpose of this post is a response to one of the most common asked questions by the patients - whether a sinus lift is a painful procedure? Sinus lift is an everyday painless procedure (preformed under local anesthesia), done routinely in our clinic. Similar to the procedures, such as fillings, tooth treatment or extraction, no special preparation of the patient is needed.


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Today implants completely change the philosophy of dentistry by providing an inevitable method of reconstruction...



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Dental orthopedics


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Dental surgery


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