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Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry includes a collection of various dental treatments that aim to improve the appearance of the teeth, gums, and therefore the smile in its entirety. Yellow teeth, inclined teeth, damaged or irregular teeth can become shiny, well formed, regular and perfectly white teeth in no time by using modern methods offered by aesthetic dentistry. It is encouraging that these interventions are without discomfort and pain, and that is why there is really no reason to postpone the beautification of teeth.

Estetska stomatologija

  • Teeth whitening

    Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure that can make your teeth whiter than they have ever been. Bright smile always attracts attention, but the whiteness of the teeth gradually declines due to natural aging process of the teeth. The dental enamel, the surface layer of the tooth, eventually becomes thinner. The thinned enamel exposes the deeper layer of the tooth, which is called dentin and is yellow in color. Darkening of the teeth is also caused by the consumption of foods and beverages with intense dark pigments (e.g. beets, blueberries, red wine, coffee, dark tea and juices.), and especially by smoking.

  • Ceramic veneers

    Ceramic veneers are used to reduce the spacing between the teeth, to control irregular shaped teeth and for beautification of the teeth that have lost their whiteness or smooth enamel, or the teeth are cracked. Veneers are particularly suitable for front teeth, since the thin layer is applied only to the front of the teeth. The very small flakes are permanently cemented to the tooth and completely change its appearance.

  • Metal-free crowns

    Due to their many properties, metal-free crowns (ceramic), are currently the best material for making prosthetic devices. Our long-term studies have shown remarkable stability and durability of all-ceramic crowns, and the aesthetics achieved with this material is reason it has been singled out and put in a convincing first place.


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